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What every kitchen needs...

Every kitchen should have a high quality wooden cutting board. In fact, every kitchen should have at least two cutting boards, one for raw foods that require cooking, such as meat, poultry, or fish, and another kitchen cutting board for cooked or ready-to-eat foods, such as salad, vegetables, and breads. The boards below are available in both Yellow Birch and Black Walnut hardwoods with accents, pre-treated at the factory with a food safe oil.

Round cutting board Round Cutting Board


Cattail cutting board Pair of Yellow Birch Cattail Cutting Boards


Steak cutting board Steak Cutting Board


Plain cutting board Plain Cutting Board


Long cutting board Long Cutting Board


Handled bread cutting board Handled Bread Cutting Board


Angus cutting board with pyramids Yellow Birch Angus Board with Pyramids


Small cutting board Small Cutting Board


Sunburst carving board Sunburst Carving Board


Vermont Natural Cutting Boards Vermont Natural Hardwod Cutting Board


Walnut Wavy Cutting Boards Walnut Wavy Cutting Boards


Yellow Birch Wavy Cutting Boards Yellow Birch Wavy Cutting Boards


Apple Cutting Boards Set of 2
Apple Cutting Boards


Snail Cutting Boards Set of 4
Snail Cutting Boards


Owl Cutting Boards Set of 3
Owl Cutting Boards


Pear-shaped Cutting Board with Walnut Stripes
Pear-shaped Cutting Board with Walnut Stripes


Plain Pear-shaped Cutting Board
Plain Pear-shaped Cutting Board


Small Wedge-shaped Cheese Cutting Board
Small Wedge-shaped Cheese Cutting Board


Black Walnut Cattail Board Black Walnut Cattail Board


New! The Pair of Yellow Birch Cattail Cutting Boards have been so popular that it only made sense to offer a Cattail Board in black walnut as well. And we dare say, this wooden cutting board is outstanding! Check this one off your list of Christmas gift ideas marked as... DONE! Learn more...


Professional End Grain Cutting Board Professional End Grain Cutting Board


Round End Grain Cutting Board Round End Grain Cutting Board


Walnut Contrast Board New!
Walnut Contrast Board


High Contrast Black Walnut Round End Grain Chopping Block High Contrast
Black Walnut
Round End Grain Chopping Block


Countertop Cutting Board Countertop Cutting Board


*This wooden cutting board is the one most universal. You'll find it's quality construction will last for years, even after daily use in busy kitchens. A wonderful cutting board for chopping vegetables!


The Palette Board The Palette Board


*This wooden cutting board will bring out the artist in you. Food now becomes the paint and the table your canvas!


***All boards are made in Vermont at the John McLeod Ltd. factory in Wilmington, Vermont and sold in the factory store, as well as through the Vermont Bowl Company and here online. Many of these hardwood cutting boards are available in both Yellow Birch and Black Walnut woods.

Cutting board care suggestions...

Keep your cutting boards clean by washing with hot soapy water after each use. Then rinse and air dry or pat dry with towels. Always discard excessively worn cutting boards that may trap bacteria. You can also sanitize your kitchen cutting board with a vinegar solution consisting of a 1-to-5 dilution of vinegar. Flood the surface with a sanitizing solution and allow it to stand for several minutes, then rinse and air dry or pat dry with towels. It is also NOT necessary to "further treat" John McLeod wooden cutting boards with additional oils. All boards are treated with a proprietary food safe oil at the factory.



veggie pic 1

veggie pic 2

veggie pic 3

fruit pic 1

fruit pic 2

fruit pic 3

cheese pic

chicken pic

summer sausage pic

ribs pic

fish pic

shrimp pic

No matter what your preparing to cook, chances are you'll need a quality wooden cutting board. There's no shortage of stores and places online to buy one, but might we suggest purchasing one that's Made in the USA. The Vermont Bowl Company and John McLeod Ltd. have been crafting high quality cutting boards and chopping blocks in their Wilmington, Vermont factory for over 30 years, so it stands to reason that they know how to make it right. No immitation knockoffs here. Only the best!