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It's all about style!

Yellow Birch Salad Plates We would estimate that 95% of people who purchase dinnerware do so at big box stores where they can get things cheap. That's not the customer we believe you are, otherwise you wouldn't be looking at our selection of handcrafted wooden plates. We believe price shouldn't be as important as the added value that wooden plates bring to dining. Chances are, if you're considering our wooden plates you're preparing special meals and entertaining friends and family. Woodenware helps make "get-togethers" more memoriable.

Yellow Birch Salad Plates 9-1/2" dia. Yellow Birch
Salad Plate

$23.50 ea.


Black Walnut Salad Plates 9-1/2" dia. Black Walnut
Salad Plate

$30.00 ea.


Yellow Birch Deep Plates 9-1/2" and 12" dia.
Yellow Birch
Deep Plates


Yellow Birch Dinner Plates 12" dia. Yellow Birch
Dinner Plate

$28.50 ea.


Black Walnut Dinner Plates 12" dia. Black Walnut
Dinner Plate

$35.00 ea.


Black Walnut Deep Plates 9-1/2" and 12" dia.
Black Walnut
Deep Plates


We're very excited to announce that the Vermont Bowl Company is now offering Cherry Wooden Plates, in addition to wooden salad bowls in cherry wood as well. That's great news for those of us who appreciate the stylish look of wooden plates. Now you simply need to decide between Black Walnut, Yellow Birch, and the wonderful red hue of cherry wood! Work! Work! Work! Seriously though, the introduction of cherry plates deserves a long overdue welcome.


Cherry Deep Plates New!
9-1/2" and 12" dia.
Deep Plates


Yellow Birch Dinner Plates and Big Ash Bowl Big Ash Bowl with Charger/Dinner Plates


The dinner plates shown above match nicely with Vermont Bowl's yellow birch and walnut wooden salad bowls, and especially the "Big Ash Bowl" shown here. You can build a complete table set; wooden plates, a big salad bowl, small individual bowls, and matching salad servers. All Made in Vermont. All Made in the USA!


Yellow Birch Bowl Stand Yellow Birch
Bowl Stand



Black Walnut Bowl Stand New!
Black Walnut
Bowl Stand



Want to take your woodenware set to the next level? Include a matching Bowl Stand, on which you can rest either the salad bowl or a wooden plate for serving or for decoration. Notice the little pob sticking up from the top of the stand. That fits snugly into a recess in the base of Vermont Bowl Company bowls, and also into the base of their wooden plates as well. The stand can then be used to display flower arrangements or decorative items when not in use.


Square Wooden Plates
Square Wooden Plates, Set of 3


New in 2010 square wooden plates are now available from the Vermont Bowl Company. The Set of 3 includes a 6" breakfast plate, 8" lunch plate, and 10" dinner plate. They are sure to become a customer favorite - the very first set sold in the Wilmington bowl store within days of introduction.


Individual Square Wooden Plates
Individual Square Wooden Plates
*Available in 6", 8" and 10" square


After numerous customer inquiries for individual plates instead of a Mixed Set of 3, we decided we'd better add them to the website. So here they are! Available in three sizes; 6" breakfast plate, an 8" lunch plate, or a 10" dinner plate.
Learn more...


Got a question before you start building your woodenware set? No problem. We're here to help. Give us a call, or send an email. We'll get back to you as quickly as possible.



Hoagie on a wooden plate
A better sandwich

Regardles of what you call it, a hoagie, a "wedge", or a sub, chances are you have a favorite sandwich and in our opinion a great sandwich deserves to be served on quality flatware. That's where wooden plates come in.

Wooden plates are great for serving most foods that do not stain, such as pasta sauces. They are easy to clean too. Simply hand-wash wish mild soapy water, rinse, and dry by hand immediately. Never put woodenware in a dishwasher. With a little care your wooden plates should last for years!

Zebrawood wooden plates
Zebrawood Plates

Wooden plates are certainly more stylish then ordinary ceramic plates, but when wooden plates are also made from exotic wood, well, then you've got something to cherish and enjoy for years! Imagine if you will a quality scale with paper plates at one end and wooden Zebrawood plates at the other, with ceramics somewhere in the middle. One is simply functional, while the other is both functional and exudes style. Learn more...