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Oops! Turns out in our rush to announce these wonderful new serving plates we forgot to update the dimensions. Each plate is actually quite a bit larger then we indicated in our prior email, and is a full 12-1/2" (point to back) x 10-3/4" across and 3/4" thick. The perfect size for your tropical dinner! Plus, if you go here you can view the Paul Cotton signature on the back of each plate.

On another note - The PaulCotton.com Treasure Chest merchandise store is now open online, complete with plenty of downloadable music, including my favorite tune... Barbados! And if you enter Coupon Code "BARBADOS" during checkout (at the bottom of the CHECKOUT screen) you can download the song for FREE!! (Offer available for a limited time only) We'll also be adding more items (T-shirts, caps, etc.) to the PaulCotton.com Treasure Chest store very soon!

Lastly - Those of you that requested my "Key West recipes" for Florida Blue Crab Cakes, coconut shrimp, and mango jasmine rice topped with a delicious pineapple sauce... I haven't forgotten about you. I will be emailing you soon!

Paul Cotton Guitar Pick Plate

Paul Cotton®
Limited Edition Collector Item
Guitar Pick PlateTM

You may be wondering what a wooden plate shaped like a guitar pick has to do with a Vermont website that specializes in maple sugar candy and maple candy gifts. Well, here's the scoop!

The owner of PIECES OF VERMONT (that's me/Rick Smith) actually lives in Key West Florida. Now now, don't worry! We're incorporated in Vermont, pay sales tax to Vermont, everything is made in and ships from Vermont, and the bulk of the revenue generated from PiecesOfVermont.com goes directly to small Vermont businesses. When you read my background, then you'll see why it's simply more conducive for me to live where there isn't snow and ice.

OK that said, lets get back to reason why I wrote this newsletter about Guitar Pick Plates. You see it just so happens that a fella by the name of Paul Cotton, who happens to be a legendary musician, guitarist, lead singer, composer and songwriter lives not too far from me. After we watched him perform one night here in Key West, one thing led to another and I agreed to help Paul with his website www.PaulCotton.com, and from that an idea was born for dinner plates shaped like guitar picks. And since the plates are made by another group of good friends at the Vermont Bowl Company, it was only fitting that we announce to PIECES OF VERMONT customers that something pretty cool had been developed.

I hope you'll take some time to visit PaulCotton.com and listen to snip-its of some of Paul's hit songs, such as When the Coast is Clear, Barbados (my personal favorite), Bad Weather, and In the Heart of the Night. And if you know someone who would appreciate a Guitar Pick Plate, with Paul's autograph signature wood burned on the back, it will surely make a wonderful gift!

Thanks, and have a great day!
Sincerely, Rick, PIECES OF VERMONT


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