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Over the years we've offered a lot of Vermont products, everything from apple sauce and candles to pickled garlic and wooden birdhouses. Wow, those were the days! But eventually, like all successful businesses, we found our niche, which became luxury maple candy gifts and Chocolate-Maple gifts. But along the way we discovered Vermont products outside our immediate niche that customers really wanted, such as great barbecue sauces, certain specialty foods, Maple Landmark wooden toys, and of course the finest Vermont cheeses.

Barbecue Sauces
Barbecue Sauces


We've done research!
In our opinion, there's nothing more fun and more affordable then a Sunday barbecue. And, we've done the research to know which barbecue sauces are the best, both from Vermont and outside Vermont. In the Green Mountain State it's Curtis' Barbecue Sauce for ribs that's the best, by far!! In the tropics it's Key Lime BBQ Sauce for shrimp. And we've got both and other suggestions here...


Pancake Mixes
Pancake Mixes


Nothing makes a more delicious start to the day then a stack of pancakes and fresh fruit, drizzled with pure Vermont maple syrup. We are now offering what we believe are five of the finest pancake mixes you'll find anywhere. How can we be so certain? Because we make them ourselves. We don't buy and re-sell them. That means we have control over quality.
Learn more...


Vermont Smoke and Cure meats
Smoke and Cure Meats


Sometimes you don't need barbecue sauce. What?! That's right. Not when you have pure Vermont maple syrup to glaze your Vermont Smoke and Cure ham, which by the way is outstanding when cooked on a rotisserie BBQ. That's how this ham was cooked, and it was DELICIOUS!


Vermont Specialty Foods
Specialty Foods


One of Vermont's best-kept-secrets and under-rated Vermont Specialty Foods is Granny Blossom's salsas. These folks have perfected salsa. If you think that stuff you buy in the chip isle at the supermarket is salsa, you're missing out on something truly tasty. Try one of Granny Blossom's salsas and if it's not as good as we say it is, we'll refund your entire order, including shipping!


Tipped Cow Cookies
Tipped Cow Cookies
Gourmet Cookie Gifts


Now you may think, "A cookie is a cookie," right? I can honestly say that even though I'm not a big fan of sweets (my girlfriend is though), when I taste-tested those from Tipped Cow Cookie Company out of Georgia, Vermont... I LOVED THEM!! Especially the Peanut Butter. So, even though PIECES OF VERMONT® is focused on being the best source for premium maple sugar candy gifts, I just couldn't say no to Renee & Rick, and of course Tippy the company mascot.


Vermont Cheese, Vermont Cheddar
Vermont Cheese


We specialize in cheese gifts
Now-a-days there's a miriade of cheeses available right in your local supermarket. We have no desire to compete with the big boys. Instead, we specialize in cheese gifts. Anyone can buy cheese in the supermarket, but safely shipping cheese to someone else in the from of a gift, that can be a bit tricky and that's where we come in! Check out our Build a Cheese Gift Box page...


Wooden Toys
Wooden Toys


Wooden Toys Maple Landmark has been with us since Day One. This is a truly great company with wonderful staff who make the finest wooden building blocks and wooden NameTrains you'll find. Every child should have a wooden toy, safely Made in the USA!


Vermont Bowl Company woodenware
Desiged by John McLeod
and the Vermont Bowl Company


All orders for woodenware placed through the PIECES OF VERMONT® website are shipped directly from the Vermont Bowl Company factory store in Wilmington, Vermont.

Made in the USA


Can't find it? If you're looking for a particular item and are unable to find it, send us an email and we'll do our best to see what we can do. Our merchants have access to hundreds of Vermont products. If we can't find what you're looking for, we'd be really surprised. top




Hi! I'm Rick, the owner and visionary behind PIECES OF VERMONT. I wanted to point out that there's one other category of Vermont products that are very popular with our customers and shouldn't be overlooked - Vermont Bowl Company woodenware.

Vermont Bowl owner John McLeod and I have been friends for sometime now. I use to live in Wilmington, Vermont just a mile or so from John's factory outlet store. That is before I moved to Florida where the weather is a little more condusive to using a wheelchair.

The Vermont Bowl Company and I started doing business together several years ago and to this day all orders for Vermont Bowl Co. items through PIECES OF VERMONT are drop-shipped directly from the factory in Wilmington. That means when you order a John McLeod wooden salad bowl or other item here, you're getting it right from the source!

We couldn't be more thrilled to offer John McLeod woodenware designs as part of PIECES OF VERMONT. Made in Vermont. Made in America. To View All the Vermont Bowl items sold here, look to the left sidebar under About our Merchants or follow an image link below.

Wooden Salad Bowls

Wooden Plates

Wooden Plates

Serving Pieces

Wooden Cutting Boards

Kitchen Tools